Database Management

You’ve been through the administrator training and everything is set up ready for you to use Infinity. 6 months in and you take on a new user. You can’t remember the process so you look to the guides and support and receive the necessary instructions.

Then your new user starts and with them comes lots of wonderful fresh ideas. They tell you some of the things their old employer had an you enquire and you’re reminded that you too can take advantage of Power BI, posting jobs to your own website and of course creating new email templates to go out and inform all of your clients of some of your great changes, but again your memory is failing you and so you request support and begin to read the help materials to help you get things going.

This underlines your lack of technical knowledge and you’re reminded as to why you never pursued some of these features in the first place.

You quickly become frustrated and then inform your new user that you just don’t have the time to learn these new skills to allow you to implement these changes. Your new user, who also lacks in technical know how, suggests taking it on but you realise that they will require Voyager training and will need to take time off the job to research and learn like you did.

This all points at time off the job which of course costs money. Voyager's support team are on hand to help in any way they possibly can but there are some things that are just up to you.

With 6KS’s Database Manager service this is all taken care of. Using our online portal you submit your request and within 24 hours* your requirement is fulfilled and your innovative service ready to use

Is your database being used?

Want to know more about exactly how?

There are already reports available in Infinity to get this information but if you want these tailored to your needs and delivered to you, we can discuss your requirements and produce monthly reports on your behalf.